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However, when not incorporated into atomic elements, so-called ‘free’ neutrons decay quite readily into protons - not as rapidly as, but not unlike antiparticles. The decay reaction is called ‘Beta Decay’ because a beta particle (electron) is spun off into a space around a proton. Mr. Einstein’s equation is essential to verify that no energy is lost in this transition. By adding energy the reverse process (called ‘Inverse Beta Decay’) can be achieved. This appears to remake neutrons out of protons, converting the energy into extra mass and at this microscopic scale, effectively making time go backwards.


The thrust of ‘A Little Moore Time’ is that despite its stability inside atomic elements, the neutron is not in itself stable. Not only has it got the wrong ‘spin’ relative to all other matter, but because it is electrically neutral, physicists are perplexed to observe that it has a ‘magnetic moment’.* When reconsidered in this context, the neutron should be re-evaluated as the counterpart precursor to the proton.

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