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      ‘A Little Moore Time’ ?


      The ultimate  post truth book on time



Initially ‘A Little Moore Time’ was intended as a gentle introduction to the possibility of time reversal. An appendix was added to provide both a graphic and verbal insight into impenetrable mathematical theories which entertain eleven dimensions. However, because it is essential to understand how a simple table of dimensions can provide a framework to explore beyond space and time - we strongly recommend you try things backwards and read the appendix first … ! see Background

You will then be invited to expand your mind with a guided tour of the universe.

In order not to exclude the layman and provide levity, our faithful dog Bozo (once owned by a talented Mr Higgs) is put on a lead to sniff out where neutrons come from, keep a watch for neutron stars and then join the hunt for neutrinos as they fly by. When fully animated Bozo gets his teeth into a new periodic table, exposes the space left in his mouth by Beta decay and then attempts to defy the Speed of Gravity. see Big Bang

So can Time go Backwards? - Difficult to be certain, but Bozo’s looking younger every day.

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